out of africa

Yeah – we did it.

On 6th December we have arrived in Laufenburg. And happily we’re back on our main road from Maseru 2 Punta Arenas.

Finally our trip Ouagadougou 2 Laufenburg took us 4 months’n’6 days.

We made 21.800 km, without any accident or mechanical problems and our tyre maintenance was limited 2 the repair of 2 punctures.

We visited 14 countries, the shortest visit was 4 hours – Gibraltar, the longest 6,5 weeks – Morocco.


from cool 2 cold – to the north of Morocco

By now we’re a little over a month in Morocco, but still on our way home. Maybe it’s not the most direct road 2 Laufenburg, but somehow and somewhen we’ll reach it. Our last post ended on Tizi-n- Aït- Hamed this spectacular mountain pass going up 2 3000m altitude.            …


more mountains in morocco

After a long time we’re back.

For some 5 weeks we could simply not access our website. After asking our dear provider we learnt that he does not provide this service in this country. Whatever that may mean. We put some energy in friendly correspondence with them without a too concrete answer.

But finally we got a kind of a perspective to have it activated again once out of Morocco – and, as you can see, it worked.


Morocco – from the flats 2 the mountains

After having crossed all kind of Mauritanian’n’Moroccan flats the last week we needed some more hilly areas. So we decided 2 visit the Anti-Atlas with its numerous mountain chains, valleys and its hidden villages high up on the hills.               Well, 1st we had 2 say goodbye 2 Agadir…


from hot 2 cool – Agadir, Morocco

Currently we’re in Agadir, Morocco, some 2000km north of St. Louis. 2 arrive there we had to overcome 2 borders, cross Mauritania and to travel through the whole Sahara. No longer as adventurous as it was some 50 years ago. The nowadays open north-south passages limited to the 1 in Sudan we crossed in 2012…


Senegal – north 2 St. Louis

The great celebration of Tabaski is over. The whole week was very quiet. The roads rather empty, most people still on leave, digesting loads of mutton; the cars were rather empty – not a single sheep could be seen on the rooftop anymore.               On Tabaski we had our…


2 guinee bissão’n’on 2 tabaski in senegal

Sunsets are nice, but after some time they get boring. Always the same sun, the same beach and the same lousy guesthouse – even if it’s the only one currently opened. Well, we left Paradise Guesthouse – convinced that hell may be an option 2 paradise and moved on 2 discover a new country: Guinee…


goin‘ west – sea, sun’n’senegal

After Monika has finished eating the whole stock available in a pharmacy thinking that chemical food may be good against fishy malaria, we finally got her back 2 normal food e.g. chicken with fries or fries with chicken; it depends on the offer.   Last week, we drove quite a bit 2 the west. Currently…


2 the north – out of jungle

2 days ago we reached our 1st waypoint on our way back 2 Swizzyland. We reached Bobo Dioulassou in Burkina Faso. Some 400 km west of Ouaga – very important to state: Bobo lies on the direct route to Laufenburg. 2 reach this important town it nearly took us 7 weeks and more than 5000…