Monika and Martin's Trip from Maseru to Ushuaia - and Beyond

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Monika and Martin's Trip from Maseru to Ushuaia


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The Long Way Back to Lucerne

2000 km thru Argentina’s Chaco/Pampa, from the Andes in the West to Puerto Iguazú in the northeastern part. Not really an impressive landscape, but still 1 or 2 interesting places along the way. Then back to Swizzyland.

Spectacular – Argentina’s Puna

Argentia’s Andean highland – the Puna – a fascinating landscape in the north of the country. Remote, wild, and often a little bit complicated to visit. More about it in this post.

On the Way to The Highlands of Northern Argentina

The journey from Salta to the Valley of Calchaquíes. To the villages of Cachi and Cafayate. Then on to Santa Maria – the gateway to Argentina’s Puna. 

Andean Highlands in Southern Bolivia

Our journey from Bolivia’s capital, Sucre to Potosi, and Uyuni, to finally reach Tupiza. A trip thru fascinating highlands, often above 4000m. Then onwards to Salta in Argentina.

What a difference – Bolivia

Leaving western Brazil to visit Bolivia’s lowlands and then up to Sucre. The country’s proud capital. A journey thru a vastly different world: Bolivia’s Chiquitqnia with the Jesuit Trail, Samaipata at the edge of the Andes, and finally the drive to Sucre.


Our Trip

It all started with an opportunity. We’d been stationed in Lesotho for 4 years. Enough time to develop a dream: to drive back to Swizzyland at the end of our contracts.

In 2012, the dream became a reality. Africa overland in our Toyota Prado for 11 months. 50’000 km along the eastern part of the continent, briefly touching Asia, and finally crossing Europe to reach Laufenburg, Swizzyland.

Along the way, we unexpectedly developed another dream. Not Swizzyland would be our final destination, but rather Ushuaia in Argentina – of course, with a stopover in Anchorage to enjoy 1 of their famous Indian Pale Ales.

In Turkey, at a junction near Ankara, we had to make the incredibly difficult decision of whether to turn right towards Ushuaia or left towards Swizzy’s Laufenburg. Our finances made the decision for us.

We headed to Burkina Faso to earn some money. Until mid-2014 when we definitely liberated ourselves from salary slavery. The much shorter car trip from Ouagadougou to Laufenburg. 4 ½ months and 22 000 km only – a kind of side trip on the way to Ushuaia.

In June 2015, we started our journey thru Asia on the way to Alaska. However, an urgent family issue in July forced us to interrupt our journey and drive back to Swizzyland.

In April 2016, we resumed our journey towards Ushuaia. Taking the northern route thru Asia to reach Kyrgyzstan. Later, on thru Tibet to Laos and Southeast Asia, continuing in June 2017 thru China, Mongolia, and Russia to South Korea. From there, we shipped Prado to the US.

From 2018 to 2019, we explored North America, visiting the US, Canada, and Mexico. Of course, not without sipping the famous Indian Pale Ale in Anchorage, Alaska.

We then traveled southwards to Central America. In February 2022, after a 2-year break due to these Coronies we finally arrived in South America and reached our final destination of Ushuaia, Argentina, in December. Time to expand our horizons. Not to be fixed any longer on Ushuaia as our final destination – but to have a look beyond this lost town at the Strait of Magellan.


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Nominated for the Liebster Award

Anna contacts us to inform that she nominated us for the Liebster Award.