Monika and Martin's Trip from Maseru to Ushuaia

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Monika and Martin's Trip from Maseru to Ushuaia


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Out of Colombia

Our last week in Colombia before returning to Swizzyland. It’s just raining too much to continue the trip. We drive southwards towards Ecuador and find a well-covered place for Prado, and get back to Bogota. Then we’re on our way to Lucerne.

Semana Santa in Popayan and More

A post slightly different from the others. It’s not about a long’n’tiring road trip on Colombia’s truck infested roads. No, it’s almost exclusively about the famous Easter week in Popayan and the visit to 1 of the few markets of indigenous in Colombia. In the remote village of Silvia.

On the Way to Popayan

How to travel during Semana Santa in Colombia. Easter Holidays. We try to imagine places less visited. Out of Salento, to Filandia, to the Tatacoa Desert, and on to Tierradentro.

Colombia’s Zona Cafetera

The trip to the colonial villages in Colombia’s Zona Cafetera. A drive thru fantastic landscapes with coffee plantations, thru deep valleys, and on the top of ridges. Also, a drive where you need nearly 3h for a lousy 100km on narrow roads following exactly the contour of the terrain.

On the way to Medellin

From Parque Nacional EL Cocuy to the historic towns of Tunja and Villa de Leyva. On the way to Medellin some of Pablo’s heritages at the shores of Rio Magdalena. Finally the big city of Medellin.


Our Trip

It all started with an opportunity. We’ve been stationed in Lesotho for 4 years. Enough time to develop a dream: to drive back to Switzerland after the end of our contracts.

In 2012 the dream became reality. Africa overland in our Toyota Prado for 11 months and 50’000 km along the eastern part of the continent, slightly touching Asia and finally thru Europe to reach Laufenburg, Swizzyland.

On the way we just developed another dream. Not Swizzyland may be our final destination, but overland to Ushuaia in Argentina – of course with a stopover in Anchorage to enjoy 1 of their famous Indian Pale Ales.

In Turkey, at a junction near Ankara we had to take the incredible decision whether to turn right in direction of Ushuaia or left to Swizzy’s Laufenburg. Our finances took the decision for us.

Time to earn some money. Now in Burkina Faso until mid-2014. Then, the much shorter trip by car from Ouagadougou to Laufenburg: 4 ½ months and 22 000 km only – a kind of a side trip on the way to Ushuaia.

Back in Laufenburg we were waiting for the grim winter in Central Asia to take an end. In June 2015 we started our trip thru Asia – direction to Alaska. An urgent family issue in July made us change our plans, to interrupted our journey and to drive back to Swizzyland.

In April 2016 we finally were back on our way to Ushuaia. We took the northern route to Kyrgyzstan. Later, on thru Tibet to Laos and South-East Asia. Another hibernation in Laufaburg.  Then in June 2017 we continued from Laos to South Korea to ship Prado to the US. 

Passing again winter in Swizzyland, in April 2018 we were back on the road. To Alaska. To sip an Indian Pale Ale in Anchorage and back to Las Vegas – driving a 1st part of the Panamericana.  Spring 2019 a roundtrip thru the south of the US and on to Mexico’s Baja California. 

Later in the year down to Central America. To Costa Roca where Corona induced restrictions put a sudden end to the trip in March 2020. We’re only back on the road by January ’22. Borders in South America slowly start to open again. So we’re on our way towards Ecuador.


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