South America 2022 - '23

Out of South America

Our very last post of this trip thru South America. It’s about Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, then Uruguay: Colonia de Sacramento and Montevideo. To park Prado for the next months. Finally the flight back to Swizzyland in 1 of these sardine tins they call a plane.

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Out of Patagonia

The last days in Patagonia, Chiloé Island, and some tourist hotspots in Chile’s and Argentina’s Lake District. Then the long drive thru the Pampa to reach Mar del Plata on Argentina’s east coast. Finally to Tandil on the way to Buenos Aires.

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On the Way to Carretera Austral, Argentina

The journey from Patagonia’s southernmost town Ushuaia northwards thru Tierra del Fuego, to the tourist hotspots of El Calafate and El Chaltén. After a visit to Glaciar Perito Moreno and a hike to Mt. Fitz Roy, on thru the pampa to Paso Roballo to Chile’s Carretera Austral.

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The Seventh Continent, Antarctica

After a long’n’tiring research, we found a way to continue our trip. Here our adventures on an epic journey further to the south. From Ushuaia to the South Shetland Islands and to Antarctica. For the very 1st time on a kind of a cruise.

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The Long Way to Cusco, Perú

About 2300km from Huaraz to Cusco, including our side trip to Nasca and the back road via Ayacucho. Some quite long drives, crossing the Cordillera several times, along the Pacific thru the Coastal Desert bypassing Perú’s capital Lima.

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