Soooo Sick; Bobo-Dioulassou, Burkina Faso

Today the shortest post we’ve ever released. After all adventures in Banfora, we head for Bobo Dioulassou. We fee hungry, had some dinner, some beer – and that’s it.

The next day, in the evening Monika visits one of Bobo’s nice clinics and is diagnosed with either fishy malaria, a malarian fish poisoning, or eventually a combination of both and something else.

So we decided to stay another day in Bobo, use our time for washing clothes, developing strange stories for the newsletters and observing Monika’s strange behaviour. Finally, in the evening we made an interesting visit to one of Bobo’s world renowned clinics to have Monika tested for whatever you may imagine. The result was slightly disappointing, she could have slightly poisoned malaria or malarian fish poisoning. So, what to do? We went with the doctor’s prescription to a pharmacy and they gave us their whole stock.

The Docs put her strictly on a chemical food diet in tablet form and we have some days of nice rest’n’(little) recreation.

So Monika lives the next few days on some rather expensive chemical food, has the chance to read some books and Martin discovers that there are some unknown places to discover in Bobo.

Finally, after 4 days, we think we may take the risk, load Monika in the car, and then the luggage. And, we’re on the way to war-hidden Mali.

2 the North – Out of Jungle
Goin‘ West – Sea, Sun’n’Senegal