2 the North – Out of Jungle

2 days ago we reached our 1st waypoint on our way back 2 Swizzyland: Bobo Dioulassou in Burkina Faso. Some 400 km west of Ouaga – very important to state: Bobo lies on the direct route to Laufenburg. 2 reach this important town it nearly took us 7 weeks and more than 5000 km. All a consequence of having chosen the wrong direction at the 1st junction in Ouaga when we left on 1st August. But now we’re back on the proper way.

Still at Lake Bosomtwe in Central Ghana, we visit an Ashanti shrine and met the priest. On the left Martin is learning how 2 solve all problems of the world.

Lake Bosomtwe 2 Banfora

After this rather mystical experience, we urgently need some change – we move to the north of Ghana ….


  …. sometimes it’s hard not 2 stop on the way. But finally, we reach Kintampo and its beautiful waterfalls.


Next is Mole National Park. We need 2 c all these animals u may only observe in Africa’s famous NPs …




…. we head for a walking safari with a heavily armed ranger – and we really found a couple of elephants – and an even larger number of Tse Tse flies and mozzies.

After this stress of game watching in the evening a sunset as kitsch as kitsch can be …


… and a cold beer on the terrace of the lodge, called Mole Hotel.

Further 2 the north, on the way to the beautiful mud mosque in Bole …

… and finally in the evening we’re in Wa, the northernmost sizable town in Ghana.

A terrible road gets us to the border and Burkina Faso – a whole day’s drive for a little more than 200km.

In the evening we reach Bobo Dioulassou – as mentioned above normally the 1st town we’d reach on our way from Ouaga 2 Swizzyland. Still, we our detour it took a few days longer.

We urgently need some beer-drinking action in front of Bobo’s Railway Station.

The next day, we had of course 2 visit its famous mosque, …

… the market, …

… and some fascinating street life.









Next is Banfora, not exactly on the road 2 Swizzyland, but not too far off.   We visit the Domes of Fabedougou…


…and the waterfall of Karfiguela.

We know in Burkina rainy season should be over – nevertheless, we have 2 wait quite some time in a shelter – probably another exceptional situation.

And finally the 6pack of this post – today it’s even a double 6pack, a kind of 12pack:

West Africa is renowned 4 its kitchen and the promises on its signboards. Here just a sample of them on their way to becoming a leading restaurant of the world.

Côte d’Ivoire’n’Back 2 Ghanaian Chicken
Soooo Sick; Bobo-Dioulassou, Burkina Faso