Côte d’Ivoire’n’Back 2 Ghanaian Chicken

Currently, we’re at Lake Bosomtwe in Central Ghana. We recover from the nice roads and the high costs in Ivory Coast.

Well, our mistake. 20 years after we left the West African paradise of Côte d’Ivoire we had 2 c it again.

4 security reasons and on Monika’s continuous insistence, we just visited a little part of it, even knowing from our experience that this is the only country in West Africa having roads without a single pothole.

A few days ago we left the town of Sunyani in Western Ghana.

Now let’s go on with Lesotho. We’re with Teresa’n’Peter in Takoradi. The guys we’ve been working with in Maseru. Of course, the need 4 a real Basotho evening in original dresses and watching “The Forgotten Kingdom”. Because Southern Africa’s famous pap was out of stock, we had some lobsters 4 dinner.

Taloradi 2 Lake Bosomtwe

Next day we go 2 Princess Town, 2 c a castle converted into a guesthouse, unfortunately without 2 any guests. One reason 4 this is surely the road leading to this important place.

Next station – some more lazy life near Axim at the Ankobra Beach Resort

… next day, after a wonderful breakfast with some sausages, we move on 2 Ivory Coast.

The road 2 the border is terrible. No problem as we knew from our previous experience that Ivory Coast’s roads will be excellent.

Unfortunately, the road 2 Grand Bassam we’re using seems 2 b an exception – c left.

A short lunch and visit to the colonial buildings in Grand Bassam …

… and on 2 Abidjan. At least the road from Grand Bassam proves somehow the enormous progress of Ivory Coast over the past years – a few 100 Chinese workers constructing a huge highway 2 the proud capital.

In the evening we discover in Abidjan a fancy hotel ….

…. and next morning the even fancier view over the lagoon – a plastic bottle collector’s dream.

Abidjan has not really changed, very few new constructions, many more and older cars, definitely more potholes and traffic jams, and some signs that confirm that there seems to be a law that forbids anybody 2 maintain or paint any building in the whole town.

Nevertheless, we also find a fancy shopping mall – and more important a famous fast food chain in it: Steers – those who know South Africa surely remember it; Steers selling these burgers with revenge.

Next destination is Abengourou. The outskirts of Abidjan are slightly busy as well as all taxi’n’minbus drivers who depend totally on ignoring all traffic rules.

It takes us some time 2 reach Abengourou …

… probably we’re on the 2nd of the 2 potholed roads that exist in Ivory Coast.

In Abengourou we find an interesting market with all kinds of activities and everybody wanting 2 b in a pic.

Next day we’re on the way back to Ghana. On the 3rd potholed exception – well not really potholes; more a kind of never-maintained earth road with some pieces of pavement.

… on the way we pass some exciting offers hard 2 ignore … but with Monika on Martin’s side …

…. and finally,  in the evening we arrive in the town of Sunyani.

In the evening the need 4 a watering hole 2 celebrate to be out of Ivory Coast, and back 2 Ghana.

On 2 Lake Bosomtwe near Kumasi in Central Ghana. The roads are pretty ok with some interesting traffic patterns in Kumasi.

Finally, we reach the village of Abono at the lake – time 2 recover from the adventures and to have some triple-cooked chicken in veggie oil and do some washing.

Fish’n’Beach – Dolce Far Niente
2 the North – Out of Jungle