Fish’n’Beach – Dolce Far Niente

Currently, we’re sitting on a terrace right at the sea in the west of Ghana. It’s Peter’s and Teresa’s home, our good old friends from Lesotho. The perfect place to recover from beach life.

Nevertheless, after all these stressful situations and incredible dangers in the mountains of Togo and Ghana, we had to move to the famous beaches and coastal towns of Ghana. That means no more veggie oil soup with some pieces of several times cooked chicken and fries in it, no more jungle hikes with all these dangerous insects.

Now we’re sitting on the sand, under palm trees, eating fresh fish, sometimes a slightly rotten one, and are surrounded by lots of plastic bags of all colors.

Akosombo 2 Takoradi

From Akosombo we drive to the tiny village of Prampram – some distance east of Accra. It’s a Sunday; many people, a big grill party on the beach, and really loud music. In the evening everybody goes home, they leave us alone with all their empty beer bottles and the remains of fish and chicken in the sand.

At least the guys are health conscious having their body building facilities just next to them.

We visit Prampram village, to see the fishing boats being built and some fishy village life along the beach.

Searching for a real beach paradise we move on – to the west of Accra. On our way, we find a fishing village celebrating its annual 5 days festival – a mix of nicely dressed women trying to provoke some reaction from beer-drinking men in the old fort.

Still in search of the perfect beach, the next day we move on – and discover some quite fishy activities in one of the villages.

… of course, the poor fishermen needed some intense support from everybody …

.. and finally, in the west of Accra, we found a beach near the coastal town of Elmina – famous for its fort and the huge fishing harbor.

Visible there’s rainy season, even if we rarely have any precipitations.


In the evening we have to see the thousands of fishing boats in Elmina,  …











… the castle …

… and the narrow lines filled with taxis, each filled with plenty of fish.

Next to Elmina is Cape Coast – another town with lots of more or less decaying buildings …


… and finally, we reach the town of Shama, where we visit the old fort and admire all the plastic bags covering the whole wonderful beach.


And 2 end our 6pack of this post: if u want 2 buy something in most countries u need 2 drive to a shopping mall, search for some parking 4 ur car, spend a lot of time searching for the stuff u need, and finally get a heavy discussion with some policemen for speeding on the way home.

In West Africa it’s more efficient: anyway u wait at any junction for the chaos 2 b sorted out. Simply open ur window, and the mall arrives immediately.

Click below 2 c some examples of mobile West African Shopping malls.

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