On 2 Togo’n’Ghana

2 days ago we reached Akosombo in Ghana.

There’s a small hotel along the Volta River just below the dam, which was supposed to produce electricity 4 half of West Africa. Of course, this is the place 2 have some rest after the adventures of Benin’s beach life, crossing the whole Republic of Togo, and finally overcoming the border formalities in Ghana.

Well, this post isn’t about the rest only, it’s also about washing clothes, and preparing the current post – so quite a busy time We’re already dreaming of moving forward, without rinsing shirts and doing all this poetry work.

But let’s start where it starts:

On 16th August we left our beautiful Auberge de Grand Popo for Togo.   We headed onwards to Togoville. We even found a nicely situated hotel on the shores of Lake Togo. Unfortunately, it also had some disadvantages.

Grand-Popo 2 Akosombo

We visited Togoville – an audience with the prince and some voodoo fetishes in stiff competition to Viagra production.

After all this voodoo and the hotel experience, in the evening we had to recover – needed a couple of beers in a bar at the roadside.

Then we moved on 2 the proud capital of the Republic of Togo: Lomé. Impressive architectural monuments – unfortunately slightly faded, but still somehow functional.


In Lomé we also learned a lot about a living approach to democracy and odd people’s participation in decision-making – the details of these all-important issues u’ll find at The Subtle Rise of Democracy in Lomé, Togo.

To recover a little bit from the hectic life in this proud capital, we had some real German foodstuff at Marox’s – some kind of sausage and meat loaf. Maybe just to reconsider in future ordinary denture-free West African fare.

After all this extraordinary urban life we went on to the next town: Kpalimé. Some markets, some colonial buildings, and lots of decaying housing material along the road. Somehow you could feel the lack of investment in Togo over the last 64 years.

After Kpalimé we headed up the hill to Klouto and the Danyi Plateau. A healthy climate: cold, foggy, and wet; already the good old Germans sent their sick people up to Klouto.

We made some hikes in the hills, it’s not jungle- these are veggie’n’fruit gardens with all kinds of healthy stuff, and ….

… after a long rain, the landscape finally converted into a foggy mystery …

… in the evening a watering hole with a view on the top of Mount Klouto

… and for dinner the usual dead bird with fries.

On 19th we moved on, crossed the Danyi Plateau, and finally entered Ghana. There was some heavy rain, not too comfortable for the passenger who booked a rooftop seat on the taxi. In Wli we finally visited the famous waterfall.


Next day a short hike to 1 of the highest hills in Ghana – Mount Gemi, and …

… on to Akosombo at the Volta River.  That’s it 4 this week, next time some more.

The 6 pack of this post: our ultimate collection of all kinds of healthy and surprisingly often unhealthy food stuff you may encounter.

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