Benin: 2 the Beach

We’re in Abomey, Central Benin. After some really nice driving thru Benin’s world-famous potholes, we reached the capital of the local royalties on 6th August 2014.
Invited or not, we have to visit the king. Unfortunately, he was busy in local conflict management between the MoRSPGAH (Ministry of Road Safety, Population Growth and Animal Health) and the MoLRDF (Ministry of Land Reclamation and Dense Forestry).

The entrance of His Majesty’s Palace in Abomey…..










… and the delights of Abomey’s central market: tomatoes for the sauce and the powder for the all-u-can-eat-without-ur-dentures lunch: just mix it with cold water, no spices.

Abomey 2 Grand-Popo

Finally, we reach Porto Novo, the proud capital of Benin with many beautiful government buildings.
Martin nearly got sentenced to death for taking the pic on the left without prior permission.

Of course, we stay in the 1st establishment in CDB Porto Novo, next to the Parliament building and the Court.

We admire the sights of the town – a main road with some traffic, the Brazilian-style mosque and finally the market with all kinds of goodies for cooking and voodooing …..

…. and one of the voodoo temples in town.

On 10th August we leave the capital Porto Novo for the real capital Cotonou – here the impressive Skyline.

The evening at the famous sunset point, having a look at an unhappy captain’s masterpiece when approaching the shore and the most expensive beer we had in the last years.

… and we move on to Ouida Beach by the so-called Fishermen’s Road.

There, we finally reach the beach – thus beach life, dolce far niente, eating fishy things in the evening, etc.

Of course, also some culture: we have to see the Door of No Return, the gate of the involuntary journeys to the Americas.

We have to see Ouida, the voodoo capital of Benin with its famous python temple.
Well, at certain times Monika feels a little snaky ….


After Ouida to the most famous beach in Benin: Grand Popo. 

Of course, beach life becomes boring after some time: thanx to the nearby fishermen we were saved – they sell their catch directly in front of us.
So far our adventures on our way from Ouaga 2 Laufenburg.

Next week more of the same.

Finally, the sixpack of this post: Public transport is still more interesting than overlanding.

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