2 Guinee Bissão’n’on 2 Tabaski in Senegal

Sunsets are nice, but after some time they get boring. Always the same sun, the same beach, and the same lousy guesthouse – even if it’s the only one currently open. Well, we left Paradise Guesthouse – convinced that hell may be an option 2 paradise and moved on 2 discover a new country: Guinee Bissão.

We enjoy the last sunset at Cap Skirring, and digitize the whole show, ….

Cap Skirring 2 Ndangane

… have a fast glimpse at the beautiful landscape in rural Casamance, …

…. and the next day we’re on the road towards Bissão in Guinee. Border formalities are not 2 complicated, on Guinean side sometimes accompanied by some slightly strange demands. Roads are pretty ok, again with some poor officials on the roadside desperately in need of some cash.

Bissão, a quite small and quiet capital – except for the main road into town.

The CBD really picturesque dotted with numerous decaying Portuguese buildings …

… and nice watering holes 2 recover from sightseeing.

We plan 2 cross the country, …






… passing Bafata in Central Guinee …

… to finally arrive back in Kolda in Senegal.

Next day on the way 2 Tambacounda – the roads in their characteristic shape in Southern Senegal. At least the cars can make efficient use of their space.

Of course in Tambacounda, after 6h 4 200km, we have 2 recover from the potholes.






Next to Kaolack, the town we have lived 4 4 years.

Definitely, it got busier.

The old buildings are still there. Slightly more in a state of complete disrepair than before, but still heavily protected by loads of litter around them.

Anyway, Kaolack still is a litter collector’s paradise.

After all this mess in Kaolack we need a change – goin’nature.

The good place 4 that is Toubakouta in the Sine Saloum. It’s still terribly humid’n’hot. Nevertheless it’s suffering on a high level.

The next day we move on 2 Foundiougne …


… and finally 2 Ndangane, again in the Sine Saloum. We have quite a long stopover at the ferry in Foundiougne, time to observe the local boats going 2 different places in the delta.

And then the sundowner in Ndangane.

Finally the 6 pack of the week – rather 2 6 packs in one: Tabaski is the biggest festival celebrated in this part of the world – and it’s all about sheep. They have 2 b collected, transported, sold, brought home, washed, cared for – and then the great day arrives – and all sheep are converted 2 spicy mutton.

For all those celebrating: bonne fête!!!

Goin‘ West – Sea, Sun’n’Senegal
Senegal – North 2 St. Louis