Senegal – North 2 St. Louis

The great Tabaski festivities are over.

The whole week is very quiet. The roads rather empty, most people still on leave, digesting loads of mutton; the cars are empty again – not a single sheep can be seen on the rooftop anymore.

On Tabaski we have our huge plate of spicy mutton.

Next morning we visit the nearby palm tree forest and enjoyed the beautiful sunset in Ndangane with our favourite sundowner a bottle of Gazelle.

Ndangane 2 St. Louis

After Ndangane we move on 2 visit other places in the Sine Saloum. We plan 2 stay some time in the different guesthouses spread all over this area.

We drive 2 Palmarin, then 2 Djiffer, an area famous 4 its salt ponds and all kinds of migrating birds.


In Djiffer we want 2 stay 4 a few days in a nice guesthouse we know. After our former Senegal experience, we should have known it better – nearly everything has closed down due to the nonexistence of tourists. Finally, we have a look at the fishing harbour and the village …

… and then move on 2 Joal.

We plan 2 walk over the wooden bridge to Fadiout. Unfortunately, some rather embarrassing guys – claiming 2 b from the local tourist office – give us all arguments 2 change our plans. Finally, we take the road directly 2 the village – u’ll easily find it on the OSM Map.

Fadiout itself is very peaceful, without all these touts or other wannabes we’ve found on the other side of the bridge.

The next day we headed 2 Dakar. On the way a short stopover in Saly. We had 2 revisit the most famous destination for group tours in Senegal, where 10.000’s of mainly French guests enjoyed the beloved all-inclusive holidays far away from husbands, wifes or maybe just kids.

As everywhere in Senegal even Saly looked slightly deserted. We could not discover a single one of these tourists.

No wonder, in addition to all other inconveniences the whole area has definitely changed a lot – the whole beach was washed away and by now it seems to be used as a dumping area. And the famous shopping street of Saly also has seen better days. Nevertheless, some wannabes have survived and still try to annoy the last remaining 2 tourists – Monika’n’Martin.

We head on 2 Dakar and enjoy the brand new highway directly leading us to Ngor, north of the capital. On the way in we discover a pub with an interesting drink – maybe more important than an odd beer.

The next day we have to renew our TIP (temporary import permit for the car), and then have some time 4 a stroll in Dakar’s CBD. A look at Dakar’s Independence Square, …

… and the Plateau with its mix of old’n’new buildings, and of course the famous Kermel Market.

Then we have 2 bring our car to the car’s clinic – a check-up and some minor repairs. 4 us the time 2 go 2 Gorée Island.

We even discover that our NoTourist Theory is wrong – we find 4 pieces of this species on the island.

In the evening we get back our car. Sorry, dear owner of the workshop, we won’t come back 2 u. U didn’t do anything.

Then a short visit 2 the leftover of some North Korean activities in Dakar, …

… and finally have a beer at the westernmost point of Africa – Cap Almadies.

We’re driving northwards 2 Lac Rose and on 2 St. Louis.

After having cross the overpopulated fishing village of Guet Ndat, we stay at the Langue de la Barbarie.

St. Louis presents itself, as usual, just a little more decayed and some more plastic bags lying in the streets.

In the evening a couple of beers as a sundowner by the bridge – dreaming of a glass of cold water in nearby Mauritania while the sun goes down.

Finally, our 6 pack: U urgently need 2 go 2 a toilet, maybe even 4 George W. – but nowhere you can find one. Every place u consider suitable u’ll be fined, threatened, u risk 2 b tortured – what a pain in the ass.

And then finally u find the place what a relief. U’re even exactly told where 2 go 2 and also how 2 do.

More about this c the pics below.

2 Guinee Bissão’n’on 2 Tabaski in Senegal
From Hot 2 Cool – Agadir, Morocco