From Cool 2 Cold – To the North of Morocco

By now we’re a little over a month in Morocco, and still on our way back home. Maybe it’s not the most direct road 2 Laufenburg, but somehow and somewhen we’ll reach it.

Our last post ended on Tizi-n- Aït-Hamed this spectacular mountain pass going up 2 3000m altitude.

Agoulzi, 16th November 2014

Once back from the mountains, we need a place safe from rain and the pretty cold weather. We find nice accommodation in Agoulzi. Maybe not the very cheapest option, but what the hell. Time for a hot soup, then a Tagine.

Tizi-n- Aït-Hamed 2 Tanger

Dades Gorge, 17th November 2014

After Rosental the Road of the Kasbahs leas us to the Dades Gorge. Of course, u won’t get to this place without some fellow tourists. It just makes it more interesting – if u’re tired of gorges, u may analyze some tourist lifestyles. We stayed at the very nice Hotel Tifawen, a few km outside the gorge.

The next day we head to the gorge, …

… then back roads towards Todra Gorge. Again mostly on small gravel roads and over the 3000m high mountain pass of Tizi-n-Ouano and the 2700m high pass of Tizi Tirherhouzine.

Erg Chebi, 21st November 2014

We continue on the back roads to the Assoul and the Rheris Gorges; all on paved roads and less spectacular than the days before.

Then enough of gorges and mountain passes, we drive 2 the south-east 2 Merzoua 2 visit the famous Erg Chebbi.

Again weather is not 2 fine. We have a sandstorm, later some rain, and the whole time temperatures to have the impression Morocco is next 2 the North Pole.

We stay at the Kasbah Erg Chebbi – a place with a lot of Moroccan Saloons – places where everybody survives while storm-watching in the desert.

Fes, 24th November 2014

The meteo service announces heavy rains in Southern Morocco. Time 2 leave for the north.

On the way, we get the proof of the correct meteorological prediction – especially in the Ziz Gorge.

We stay a night at the Panorama Hotel in Azrou, admired the cedar trees, and then move on to Fes.

In Fes, we explore all the souks.

After having bypassed the hell a lot of touts, false guides, and other wannabes we even visit the tanneries. Contrary 2 the outside, in their courtyard all hassles stops immediately. Everybody is very astonished 2 c 2 odd tourists walking between all these bad-smelling sheepskins and communicating with everybody.


Chefchaouen, 25th November 2014

We drive further north. To Chefchaouen. A very picturesque town with its famous blue houses. On the way, the landscape changes considerably. Out of the desert into the Mediterranean vegetation, all densely cultivated.

Tanger. 26th November 2014

Next morning again cloudy’n’rainy weather – in the meantime the usual picture in this part of the world. So we move on 2 Tanger, where we plan 2 take the ferry 2 Spain.

In Tanger, we stay at the most famous hotel in town with the nicest view u may imagine – the Continental. At least in the past it was 1 of the World Leading Hotels – typical guests were Alex the Great, Caesar, Queen Victoria, and a bit later Enimen. Nowadays maybe it’s a little bit faded – but its prize reflects that situation.

We have lunch at a street-side restaurant then stroll thru the Medina and the Kasbah.

The next morning we only have 1 option: storm watching. And that’s what we dothe whole day.

More about our trip soon – the adventures continue on another continent.

Last but not least this post’s 6-Pack:

U arrive in any country in West Africa. No idea which phone provider would be appropriate. It’s easy –  simply look at the houses. If u’r a little used 2 the system, even reading is not needed – it’s all about the right color.

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