Out of Africa

Yeah – we did it.

On 6th December we arrived in Laufenburg. And happily, we’re back on our main road from Maseru 2 Punta Arenas.

Finally, our trip from Ouagadougou 2 Laufenburg took us 4 months’n’6 days.

We made 21.800 km, without any accidents or mechanical problems and our tire problems were limited 2 the repair of 2 punctures.

We visited 14 countries, the shortest visit was 4 hours – Gibraltar, and the longest 6,5 weeks – Morocco.

On the way we met numerous people, mostly very curious 2 c us in locations rarely visited – often not really understanding what we’re doing and why we’re visiting these places even if we have no family members 2 visit. Of course, we met next 2 no fellow travellers on their way thru Africa. West Africa is definitely no longer in the mainstream for those crossing the continent. We had to stay in a corridor we could travel – between Jihadists, Ebola, and bad girls seeking 2 get from u whatever u can imagine. Well, there’s a way thru all this – but sometimes it’s quite narrow.

But let’s go back 2 Africa.

Tanger 2 Laufenburg

Tanger, 27th November 2014

After a day of storm watching in Tanger, we have a last Tagine 4 dinner in 1 of the local restaurants – and that’s it with Morrocco

Algeciras, 28th November 2014

We fill up Prado with cheap diesel and drive 2 Tanger Med, the new port of the town, …

… and on we’re on the ferry over the Straight of Gibraltar 2 Algeciras in Spain.

The boat looks slightly used; still we’re optimistic that the ferry will do another 30km 2 Spain after the 2 million it already did.


A little later the ferry starts to make some noise, and a cloud of black smoke covers the sky 4 a while – we’re on the way out of Africa.

A short glimpse 2 the quickly disappearing coast of Africa – and we’re greeted by the famous rock of Gibraltar on the other side of the straight.

In Algeciras we head for 1 of these hotels u even don’t remember the name when staying there …

… and then we have 2 get used 2 Europe. The only idea we have is 2 start that with a beer. The 1st one to go to a restaurant 4 quite some time.

Ronda, 29th November 2014

After 1 day in Spain, we need some change – so on 2 a kind of good old English lifestyle: Gibraltar.

We have 2 pass a real border with an original English immigration officer asking us where the hell we’re coming from – probably slightly confused by our Burkina Faso number plate.

Once we’ve crossed into the territory of the UK, we have to shrink Prado considerably to pass the narrow alleys of Gibraltar’s CBD.

We visit all the important and not-so-important sights and finally drive up the famous hill with all these monkeys 2 admire and the beautiful view.

After a few hours we’ve seen what we had 2 c. So we are moving on 2 Ronda in Spain.

There the famous bridge and the alleys in the old town 2 discover.

Granada, 29th November 2014

We move further north, 2wards Granada. On the way a visit to El Torcal – a very strange landscape high up in the misty mountains, …

… and then on 2 Granada.

Well, it’s definitely not the all-covering city tour we make. But by now we’re rather on our way back and not on an extensive visit 2 Spain.

Thus, a glimpse of a town we visited last time some 30 years ago.

Valencia, 1st December 2014

On 2 the north. A little over 500 km 2 Valencia. It takes us the whole day on the highway.

In the evening we have quite some trouble finding accommodation in the town – not 4 us, but 4 Prado: it’s simply 2 high 4 any ordinary underground car park. And this is the only option they offer in the town center.

Finally, we discover the very place we never dreamed of: the Ibis Hotel. All pre-fab, all plastic, all like the perfection of McDonald’s – but with an open-air secured parking.

Barcelona, 2st December 2014

Well, we’ve survived it and move on 2 Barcelona.

There, an opportunity 2 enjoy the tube and 2 visit some famous promenades. …

… and markets with all kinds of goodies nobody would ever buy.

On to c some famous buildings – some nicer at night, others more interesting 2 visit the next morning.

Finally, on 2 some highly creative corners and some alternatives 2 high couture.

And finally, not 2 forget X-Mas is approaching – time 2 search 4 some all-important battery-driven Chinese X-Mas accessories.

Arles, 4st December 2014

We drive on 2 Arles in the South of France. What a difference – we can even easily understand the guys .

A short visit 2 the town, then immediately back 2 a heated place.

Annecy, 5st December 2014

We move on 2 the north, to the cold. Annecy, all decorated 2 get people in the mood to buy lots of X-Mas accessories they will store a few weeks later somewhere in the cellar.

Laufenburg, 6st December 2014

Finally, the last bit of road; some 300 km 2 Laufenburg. We cross the border, even without these lazy immigration guys realizing that a car with Burkina Faso number plates enters Swizzyland.

We admire the beautiful winter weather. …

… and finally enjoy in Laufenburg emptying our car and carrying everything up 2 the 3rd floor.

We celebrated this with a beer – and later on with a bottle of rotten grapes from South- Africa.

And the 6 pack of the post:

For all of u still thinking supermarkets are essential. For those still running 2 Pick’n’Pay, Nakumatt, Casino, Alcima or Alcampo – here’s the ultimate proof that there are more efficient ways 2 get ur daily stuff.

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