More Mountains in Morocco

After a long time, we’re back. For some 5 weeks, we could simply not access our website. After asking our dear provider we’ve  learned that he does not provide this service in this country. Whatever that may mean. We put some energy into friendly correspondence with him without a too concrete answer. But finally, we get a kind of perspective to have it activated again once out of Morocco.

But let’s go back to the place we stopped 5 weeks ago: N’kob in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas.

N’Kob 2 Tamaloute

Zagora, 2nd November 2014

We move on to Zagora. On the way we visit the stone carvings in Aït Ouazig.

In Zagora, we go 2 the beautiful campsite Oasis Palmiers, visit a few surrounding villages and enjoy some dolce far niente.

Taliouine, 4th November 2014

And then we plan 2 go to the desert. Driving thru deep sand, camping between the dunes, and observing the Milky Way without any disturbances from electric bulbs.

M’hamid some km south of Zagora was our planned starting point; Foum-Zguid some 200 km to the west the village to arrive hopefully.

On the way, we remarque that the weather got worse’n’worse. It gets more and more dusty, a few km before we arrive in M’hamid, we have to admit that it turns into a real sandstorm. Nevertheless, we visit a nearby Ksar – one of these traditional villages with houses constructed with mud.

In M’hamid, we simply try to follow the track on the GPS into the desert. After a few km, we state that the sight was next to 0. So why should we visit some famous sand dunes if they arrive at our car grain by grain?

We turn back and drive to Taliouine in the Anti-Atlas.

Tiout, 6th November 2014

We still have to visit Lake Ifni next to Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa.

3h by a spectacular road then another 2-3h hike up to the lake at 2700 m.

Well, we’re back quite late at night, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Next day on to Tiout. The only thing we remember is the only hotel in this village – highly discommended.

Ilmil, 8th November 2014

Of course, on no trip thru Morocco driving Tizi-n-Test is mandatory. Unfortunately, they’re building a new road up to the pass, so most of the adventure has gone; except for the small part high up in the mountains where a landslide has gone down.

By the evening we reach Ilmil, a hill station near Marrakech. At 1800 m and not far from snow, it’s icy cold.

Marrakesch, 9th November 2014

The next morning is slightly disappointing: rain and fog.

Thus, we move on to Marrakech.

The 1st and most important issue in Marrakech: Monika needs some real food. So we go to McDonald’s to have a Big Mac. U know these greasy burgers with a taste of an old foam mattress soaked in fishy oil.

After this great meal, we move on to discover Marrakech.

Well, it’s quite strange to be in a town where you have the impression half of the inhabitants are tourists and the locals are getting slightly tired of them.

Still, we don’t discourage, we’re exploring local’n’tourist life in the town.

After all these explorations there’s only 1 place for dinner: the food stalls at Jamaa-el-Fna.

If you just have 1 evening in Marrakech – go there and top up your dinner with a box of assorted sweets from the vendor passing by.

Skoura, 12th November 2014

We move back to the desert. To Ouarzazate crossing Tizi-n-Tichka and on to the village of Skoura, situated in a big palm garden.

Passing Ouarzazate – still part of the tourist hot spots, then on to Skoura. We stay at the Kasbah Amridil – quite a nice place, we’re a kind of private guest; we have the whole hotel for us. Consequently, enough space to do some washing.

Tamaloute, 15th November 2014

We start our trip on the back roads of the Routes des Kasbahs between Ouarzazate and Errachidia.

1st we have to drive up a quite tricky road on the way to the Rose Valley, where we have to shrink Prado and Monika has to recover after that.

For full details please read our special blog in this issue.

In the Rose Valley, we stay at the very nice Chems Kasbah high above the village of Tamaloute.

Tizi-n- Aït- Hamed, 16th November 2014

Here we learn about the most spectacular road in Morocco. Maybe it’s true – we have to try the way up to Tizi-n- Aït- Hamed getting us up to the snow in 3000 m.

The gravel road isfine, and the views definitely spectacular.

Well, so far our adventures in the present post. Some more in the next one.

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