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Turkey – Adventure East Anatolia

After the tourist hotspots in western Turkey and central Anatolia we were in the need of some more exquisite adventures. We headed first to the south-eastern, then to the north-eastern parts of Turkey – east Anatolia. Thru lonely desert landscapes to towns you only imagine from the storytellers of 1001 nights.

Turkey – on the Way to Central Anatolia

23rd June, Çanakkale Ouranoupoli – the last night in Greece, on 23rd June we’re on the way to Turkey, to West then to Central Anatolia. The border crossing is quite fast. On the Greek side nobody bothers, on the Turkish side a stamp per person and a sticker on the passport for Prado.

Principles on Roadside Tales

We travelled thru many different countries. On the way we lived all kind of experiences and adventures. We met a lot of different people and experienced many situations. Considering our background, many experiences were within our comprehension, others not easy to understand or to explain. We even lived some logics out of our understanding. Of…

out of africa

Yeah – we did it. On 6th December we have arrived in Laufenburg. And happily we’re back on our main road from Maseru 2 Punta Arenas. Finally our trip Ouagadougou 2 Laufenburg took us 4 months’n’6 days. We made 21.800 km, without any accident or mechanical problems and our tyre maintenance was limited 2 the repair…