Monika’n’Martin’s Trip from Maseru, Lesotho to Usuaia, Argentina

Due to the current situation causing severe travel restrictions all over the world

***Global Call to help stranded overland travelers find a safe Haven***

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread causing border closures, travel restrictions and health concerns it results in members of the Overlanding Community becoming trapped far from home and/or struggling to find accommodation or somewhere to store their vehicles and homes.

If you are in a position to help in any way (somewhere to stay, or vehicle storage) would you kind add your details to our Safe Havens map.

The map is open to anyone to add information that may benefit travelers during these difficult times. If you are someone who feels able to offer storage, space or assistance to stranded overlanders then please add these to the map.

Use the following categories for information
* Safe Haven – Somewhere to stay short or long term – Indicate contact details, capacity available (with date of info), cost if any
* Travellers – how many they are and their nationalities – what help you need
* Storage – for vehicles contact details, capacity available, cost if any
* Border Info – indicating restrictions (with date of info)

Overland Sphere Safe Havens Map

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It all started with an opportunity. We’ve been stationed in Lesotho for 4 years. Enough time to develop a dream: to drive back to Switzerland after the end of our contracts.

In 2012 the dream became reality. Africa overland in our Toyota Prado for 11 months and 50’000 km along the eastern part of the continent, slightly touching Asia and finally thru Europe to reach Laufenburg,Swizzyland.

On the way we just developed another dream. Not Swizzyland may be our final destination, but overland to Ushuaia in Argentina – of course with a stopover in Anchorage to enjoy 1 of their famous Pale Ales.

In Turkey, at a junction near Ankara we had to take the incredible decision whether to turn right in the direction of Ushuaia or left to Swizzy’s Laufenburg. Our finances took the decision for us.

Time to earn some money. Now in Burkina Faso until mid-2014.

Then, the much shorter trip by car from Ouagadougou to Laufenburg: 4 ½ months and 22 000 km only – a kind of a side trip on the way to Ushuaia.

Back in Laufenburg we were waiting for the grim winter in Central Asia to take an end. In June 2015 we started our trip thru Asia – direction to Alaska. An urgent family issue in July made us change our plans, to interrupted our journey and later the year to drive back to Swizzyland.

In April 2016 we finally took the northern route to Kyrgyzstan. Then on thru Tibet to Laos and South-East Asia. Another hibernation in Laufaburg.  In June 2017 we continued from Laos to South Korea; then shipping to the US.

Again hibernation in Swizzyland. In April 2018 we returned to the US. From Las Vegas to the north to reach our intermediate target Anchorage to sip a Pale Ale and find our starting point of the Panamericana. Then back to Las Vegas. Another winter, then in April 2019 back to the US. A trip thru America’s south and to Mexico’s Baja California.

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  1. Hallo ihr Beiden, es war super nett euch am Montag nochmals zu treffen. Euer Blog ist toll.
    Wir wünschen weiterhin gute Fahrt und spannende km und Begegnungen.
    Liebe Grüße von Pia und Klaus

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