South America's Calling

By the end of March 2020, we’ve returned from Costa Rica to Swizzyland. Reassured that we did everything to make it possible for Prado to wait another year for us in this car nursery next to San José’s airport. Nevertheless, we’re still optimistic overlanding would be possible again once a certain percentage of people are vaxxed. At least, borders would open for vaxxed guys. Thus, we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to continue our trip by the end of 2021.

For the time being, we’re back with the Swizzies. The guys are experiencing just another wave of Coronies. But still, nobody really cares, while our dear neighbors – Italy, France, Germany’n’Austria –  remain in strict lockdown. Visibly,  Swizzies prefer a pretty elevated incidence and quite full hospitals to some restrictions in daily life. 

As far as we could understand, this rather unusual behavior is mainly driven by a number of pretty specific groups: the esotericists still believing in homeopathic witchcraft in its vegan or gluten-free sense, mixed with the purest sectarianism of the good old days.  Adding a number of people on the right-wing of the political spectrum with a libertarian understanding of democracy in a Trumpian misunderstanding. And finally, a number of brave citizens no longer feeling well treated by the world, the government, their neighbors, their spouse’n’unruly kids, and their beloved cats’n’dogs.  Well, a nice mix of pretty unhappy people too ignorant to imagine that Coronies are buzzing around without considering too much their personal attitudes and imprisoned in their magnificent belief in all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Of course,  this club of the frustrated is beguiled by the right-populist Swiss Vüdli Pürger (SVP) fishing in the mud for some lost souls to increase their decreasing popularity. Thus, to convert a health problem and a scientific question into a political issue.  A nightmare for the political system the Swizzies are so proud of.  And of course, the Vüdli Pürger are immediately supported by a number of emerging organizations fighting for human rights, the most basic democratic achievements, and most important for their leader’s very own interest.

Consequently, these guys even launch an initiative against the law legalizing the government’s anti-corona politics. And Swizzies have to vote on it. Well, they support the law.  Of course, this result is just interpreted as a challenge to launch a 2nd initiative against the latest amendments to this law.  Still, all to avoid government’s dictatorship and to save freedom of each’n’every 1. Again, they lose the vote in autumn.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the brave citizens also refuse a law fighting climate change.  Thus, we may go on as usual contaminating all’n’everything. Probably Swizzies are happy that future winters will be warmer, thus we have to heat less our houses with our old-fashioned oil-fired heating systems and consequently, we use less climate-unfriendly energy to keep our houses warm’n’cosy. Dear world, kindly recognize this significant contribution of the people of Swizzyland to global warming.

Enough of politics. Back to real life. 

We get vaxxed. Even twice. So, the coronies probably won’t like us anymore – at least for the time being.  And best of all, the vax didn’t convert us into a croc, nor can we confirm, that Billy Boy Gates or Klaus Schwab are visibly manipulating us by now. 

Anyway, by May most coronies migrate to more welcoming countries such as Bolsonaro’s Brasil or Modi’s India. 

So, if weather permits, we enjoy at least some hikes in Swizzyland, still observing if South-Americas land borders would somewhen open.

Definitely, it’s a rainy summer.  Most days the sky is just grey and you may count as many raindrops as you like. Even Lake Lucerne is no longer an option for swimming with its water level reaching the town’s alleys.

Somewhen in September, we’re definitely tired of this weather.  The prevailing Corona situation in most South American countries currently doesn’t allow any optimism. So, time to search for an alternative.

Finally, we head for a trip to Austria, Slowenia’n’Croatia – haven’t been there for quite a while.

Back to Swizzyland. Autumn is approaching as well as all these coronies. Nevertheless, by now 2/3 of the population is vaxxed. 1/3 remain in its position of ignorance, believe in mystical healing, suspected conspiracies, or political opposition. 

We’re still looking forward to the opening of South America’s land borders. To allow Prado to drive down to Peru. There are a few signs, that some borders will open at the beginning of ’22. But no clear commitments.

In the meantime, we take the opportunity for some more trips in Swizzyland to admire Indian summer.

Initially, we’ve planned to fly back to Costa Rica by the end of November to continue to Peru. But why the hell should we ship Prado to Colombia if the borders of Ecuador and Peru remain closed.  Thus, we postpone again.

Just a little later, the next great news: the all-beloved coronies improve their efficiency.  By now they call themselves Omikron. And even Europe’s politicians think again about border closures, quarantines for each and everybody, and spraying vax’ by chopper to reach the very last ignorant. 

Nevertheless, the smart vax opponents remain in their position. They know all about the terrible truth behind Billy Boy Gates, Klaus Schwab, and auntie Hillary. They continue trusting in their immunity due to a biological-dynamic, lactose-free diet, their political preference, and their narrow-mindedness. Some of the more prominent representatives of this human species die of coronies. Probably they forgot to inform the viruses about their attitude. Whatever.

And in South America – not too much happens. Some governments simply postpone the opening of their land borders or think of incredible bureaucratic burdens for all travelers. Install their own corona certificates, even if knowing exactly that they don’t have the capacity to make them function. Thus, a wonderful world for overlanders. 

And us – we decide to wait again. A few weeks to learn more about the consequences of these new coronies. with the beautiful name Omikron.

New Year arrives. Of course, time for a good New Year resolution: We start with a cup of coffee to fight hangover, then we call the airlines and book our flight back to Costa Rica for 12th January. We still use the return flight of our ticket bought in 2020. Astonishingly they accept it without any discussions or additional charges.

Now we have a few days left to organize the trip, get everything ready, refresh from scratch our Spanish, and plan our route which will probably be dictated by the Coronies und the governments’ reactions to them.

San José, 15th January

12th of January, we squeeze ourselves in 1 of  Edelweiss’ beautiful planes. Despite all warnings, that these Omikronies will block all public services in Swizzyland, we leave just on time for our all beloved 12h wellness trip to San José. Of course, everybody absolutely has to respect all measures to avoid any contact with all these coronies eventually sneaking around in the plane. As it’s a plane of a Swizzy airline, everybody had to listen to the warning, nod, and then do whatever is considered reasonable. Dear guy on the pic, we know we didn’t ask you permission to publish this pic. Nevertheless, it may be the starting point of your modeling career. Thus, kindly accept our ignorance.

In the afternoon, we arrive in San José. Definitely, we’re not the only 1s. Still a lot of US citizens on their way to Costa Rica’s all-inclusive resorts. About 1h to pass immigration, then we’re in. On to the car rental company. After 2h waiting and discussing we learn, that the car we’ve booked is definitely not available and they’re absolutely unable or unwilling to find a solution. Thus, simply beware of Amigo Cars if you really intend to have a vehicle.

Never mind. We organize a taxi to our accommodation, then to our all-beloved watering hole in San José. To celebrate the return to Costa Rica.

For the next 2 days, we’re pretty busy getting Prado back to life.  Arriving at the bonded warehouse the car looks perfectly good.  Even the engine starts immediately. Yet Prado may need a spa. Quickly we handle the necessary admin. stuff to get Prado back on the road: insurance, customs, and most important shift an important bundle of  $ to the bonded warehouse for taking care of Prado for the last 10 months. 

Then the washing ceremony with 1 of the guys nearby. 

And finally, to the mechanic to check everything, change oil, and clean the engine.

Then we’re ready to continue our Costa Rican “adventure”. To continue the trip thru Costa Rica we’ve started in March 2021.

More about this and other interesting’n’boring stuff in the next post. Soon.



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