Prepare to Reload your Jealousy

Hi Guys,

This is still a construction site.

As soon as we start our trip from Burkina Faso 2 Laufenburg in August, we’ll tell u more about our adventures, our highs and lows, incredible dangers we survive, and all the boring stuff nobody wants 2 know.

In the meantime feel free 2 have a look at our previous trip from Maseru 2 Laufenburg in 2012. Even at that time not planed as a blog u may well share some of the extremely useful interpretations and logic we developed on issues that were not easily understandable. Kindly feel free to comment or 2 explain in a better way.

In the meantime cheers

Monika & Martin

Great means of transport 4 huge junctions in Ouaga

Out of Burkina